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95%VideoFeb 2012

Live at the Oscars 2012 - The Dictator vs Ryan Seacrest

(3:02) American TV host Ryan Seacrest is chosen by Admiral General Aladeen to be the butt of his prank.


95%VideoApr 2012

Michael Davis, comic juggler

(6:07) Have you ever seen juggling on a motorcycle?


95%VideoJun 2013

Bill Burr gives advice on guns in case of home invasion

(3:18) Elijah Wood (played Frodo in Lord of the Rings) has difficulty sleeping when he's home alone.


95%VideoApr 2015

David O'Doherty - Life

(5:10) Life's not for everyone. Even so, Irish comedian David O'Doherty sings a song about life.


95%VideoSep 2015

Malala Yousafzai shows Stephen Colbert a card trick

(3:06) When she was 15, Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head at school by the Taliban...


95%VideoJul 2009

George Carlin on the King of Pop

(1:06) The late great American stand-up comedian puts down the likes of Elvis and Sinatra in favour of Michael Jackson.


95%VideoMay 2014

John Oliver - Death Penalty

(12:24) British comedian in America John Oliver discusses the death penalty.

95%VideoFeb 2011

Carlin Step

Mixed up George Carlin by DJ Steve Porter and DJ Eli Wilkie


95%VideoFeb 2013

Bill Burr doesn't believe Steve Jobs hype

(2:05) There's no fooling Bill Burr. Even the late great Steve Jobs is brought down a peg or two.


95%VideoMay 2014

John Oliver - GM total recall

(10:38) British comedian in America, John Oliver looks at GM's recall of 11.2 million rolling sarcophagi.