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VideoMar 2017

Katie Hopkins on Rinkeby, a no-go-zone in Stockholm, Sweden

(5:04) Journalist Katie Hopkins went to Stockholm's notorious Rinkeby area to talk to those who live there.


VideoNov 2015

Russell Brand interview on Australian TV (Oct 16, 2015)

(17:50) Since the UK general election in May 2015, Russell Brand removed himself from the political limelight. In the meantime, he continues with his Trew World Order Tour.

VideoMay 2019

TYT | Bernie Sanders targets corporate power

(9:58) Is Bernie moving too "left" for Cenk? The Young Turks discuss Bernie's proposal to give workers more control.

VideoFeb 2010

Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry on The Ten Commandments

Ann Widdecombe catches up with two staunch atheists Hitchens and Fry, to find out what they think of The Ten Commandments


VideoMar 2007

Ellen DeGeneres Show - Gladys Hardy from Austin, Texas

(6:56) Gladys Hardy loves Jesus but she does drink a little.


VideoJun 2020

Kyle Kulinski | How UK police deescalate a dangerous situation

(7:59) The difference between US and UK police in dealing with a dangerous situation.

VideoDec 2017

Beardless men might be mistaken for women, prompting indecent thoughts

(1:46) Islamic cleric Murat Bayaral has blasted beardless men for looking like women.


PictureDec 2009

Celebrities who look like animals

Jamie Hyneman Walrus


PictureNov 2010

Tatyana Vorzheva, Ukranian Angelina Jolie

As beautiful as Angelina Jolie is, being her double is probably a poisoned chalice. Ukranian model Tatyana Vorzheva poses for XXL Magazine.


VideoMar 2014

Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime - Episode #308

(9:36) Includes an interesting discussion on the minimum wage.