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96%VideoDec 2007

Cliff Richard wine tasting

(3:54) Gordon Ramsay puts Cliff to the test.


96%VideoJun 2010

Handmade noodles, how it's done

(4:41) Danny Yip, pasta chef at Mr Chow in LA, performs what can be described as a magic trick you can eat.


96%VideoAug 2011

Dylan Ratigan's rant about money and politics

(4:45) MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan passionately attacks corruption in congress and big business and calls on Obama to "get the money out of politics".


96%VideoDec 2012

Piers Morgan: You're an unbelievably stupid man

(12:27) Heated debate between Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt from gun lobbyists 'Gun Owners of America'.


96%VideoDec 2013

Musical tribute to Steve Irwin

(3:15) Melodysheep's musical tribute to legendary conservationist and crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, who died in 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb.

96%VideoFeb 2012

Die Antwoord on Letterman - I Fink U Freeky

(4:44) Gang/chav culture from Cape Town. Hip-hop rappers Die Antwoord (which means 'The Answer' in Afrikaans) live on Late Show with David Letterman.


96%VideoJul 2011

Bill Maher - Why liberals don't like Bachmann or Palin

Republicans think liberals don't like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin because they are women. Bill Mayer puts the record straight.


96%VideoAug 2011

Piers Morgan baffled by Christine O'Donnell

Piers Morgan at his best. Genuinely baffled by Christine O'Donnell's refusal to answer a question on gay marriage, he holds his line. From CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.


96%VideoMay 2012

Michael Jackson and James Brown celebrity death match

(1:30) American actor and comedian Wayne Brady impersonates Michael Jackson and James Brown as if in a celebrity death match.


96%VideoAug 2012

Are American cars really crap?

(3:54) Reviews of American cars, particularly their interiors.