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VideoJul 2019

RoF | Most ambassadors think Trump is an idiot

(4:42) After emails were leaked showing British ambassador to the US called the Trump administration "inept", other former ambassadors agreed.


VideoJun 2019

RoF | Trump is taking money from 22 different foreign countries

(5:01) Donald Trump is violating the emoluments clause in US constitution.

VideoAug 2019

RoF | Deutsche Bank ready to give Trump's tax returns to Congress

(3:13) Deutsche Bank say they have Donald Trump's tax returns and are ready to hand them over to Congress.

VideoDec 2018

RoF | Trump administration sells protected lands to fracking companies

(3:18) In early December 2018, the Trump administration sold off 150,000 acres of protected lands to fracking companies.


VideoNov 2017

RoF - Sexual predators face consequences, except for Donald Trump

(3:30) Matt Lauer, Louis CK, Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken ... are all facing consequences following allegations of sexual harassment. But not Donald Trump.

VideoAug 2019

RoF | Corporate media furious Bernie is calling out their bias

(7:46) Bernie Sanders attacks Jeff Bezos-owned paper, The Washington Post for bias. But is he playing the same game as Trump?


VideoJun 2019

RoF | Polls show female voters loathe Trump

(5:52) Farron Cousins looks at Donald Trump's most recent approval ratings, and they are not looking good for the president.


VideoJul 2019

RoF | Was Jesus a free market capitalist?

(8:20) According to PraderU was a full-on free market capitalist.

VideoJan 2018

RoF - Cardiologists doubt Donald Trump is in perfect health

(5:11) Would Donald Trump really live to 200 had he lived on a heathy diet with plenty of exercise?

VideoSep 2017

RoF - EPA chief: Now's not the time to talk about climate change

(4:10) Head of the EPA Scott Pruitt tells CNN as Hurricane Irma approaches, it's not the time to talk about climate change.