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VideoJun 2019

RoF | Mexico says Trump is lying about border deal

(4:18) Donald Trump tweeted a new deal that he brokered with Mexico that would help American farmers.

VideoNov 2019

RoF | Report claims Obama wants to stop Bernie

(1:09) According to Politico, Obama had said in private that he would not intervene in the 2020 primaries - unless it looked like Bernie Sanders was going to grab the nomination.

VideoFeb 2018

RoF - EPA now says global warming is good

(3:38) According to Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, climate change might actually be a good thing.


VideoMay 2019

RoF | Trump family sue Deutsche Bank to stop release of financial records

(4:32) If you've got nothing to hide...


VideoJan 2018

Trump's Fake News Awards could be illegal for his staff

(4:30) Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why it is likely illegal for Trump's staff to be a part of Donald Trump's Fake News Awards.