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VideoMay 2019

Facebook's secret cryptocurrency

(6:13) Facebook is developing its own criptocurrency called Libra. But what is it for, and should we be worried?

VideoAug 2018

Building a crypto-utopia in Puerto Rico

(10:31) Crypto investors are moving to Puerto Rico attracted by lucrative tax incentives.

VideoJul 2019

Second Thought | Why Facebook's new currency will be a disaster

(6:18) Facebook plans to launch Libra, its new cryptocurrency, by 2020. But considering their history, can they be trusted with all that extra data from users?

VideoApr 2019

RT America | Can crypto-currencies save Assange?

(6:01) Donations are pouring in to fund Julian Assange's legal defence in the form of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Zcash.

VideoMay 2018

Why are people buying cartoon cats on the blockchain?

(7:33) Can a digital good be rare?

VideoJul 2019

NowThis | AOC grills Facebook official on Libra

(4:10) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sums it up: 'We are discussing a currency controlled by an undemocratically selected coalition of massive corporations."


VideoNov 2019

RT America | Global unrest boosts cryptocurrencies

(9:46) Crytocurrencies are gaining popularity as turmoil continues to sweep several nations around the world.

VideoJan 2020

VICE | New kids on the blockchain

(13:53) The future of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and etherium.

VideoMay 2019

Friedrich Hayek predicts the rise of cryptocurrencies



VideoFeb 2019

VisualPolitik | The inevitable rise of cryptocurrencies

(14:30) How money works, and why blockchain will transform not only money, but how we run society itself.