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VideoApr 2020

Emma Vigeland | AOC rips into Biden's measly concessions to progressives

(5:57) Emma Vigeland discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's comments about Joe Biden in an interview with The New York Times.


VideoMar 2020

NowThis | AOC flips religious freedom argument on its head

(3:54) The only time religious freedom is invoked is in the name of bigotry and discrimination.


VideoMar 2020

AOC: Bernie Sanders is the stronger candidate to beat Trump

(9:33) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses former Vice President Joe Biden's over-performance on Super Tuesday.


VideoSep 2019

NowThis | AOC reveals 'Just Society' plan

(5:51) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduces a suite of anti-poverty bills to radically transform the lives of the 40 million Americans living in poverty.


VideoNov 2019

TYT | AOC exposes private equity firms

(8:51) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks truth to power at a hearing private equity firms.

VideoSep 2019

The Damage Report | AOC exposes climate deniers stupidity

(9:57) Saving the planet is for sissies.

VideoMar 2019

AOC | Moderate politics is fake intellectualism

(9:46) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is changing the narratives in politics.


VideoNov 2019

NowThis | Man tests Facebook's scrutiny of political ads

(4:41) Mark Zuckerberg told Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that false political ads about Republicans are allowed on Facebook.


VideoFeb 2020

NowThis | AOC: No billionaire is innocent

(4:22) 'No one ever makes a billion dollars. You take a billion dollars.'

VideoMay 2019

The Rational National | AOC & Bernie take on Wall Street greed

(11:03) Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez propose a cap on bank interest rates.