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80%VideoJul 2006

Dinner with Christopher Walken

Difficult star makes telephone booking

79%VideoDec 2007

Cooking with Christopher Walken

(1:47) Won't make a fat boy slim.

65%VideoSep 2017

Dave Grohl talked accents with Christopher Walken

(1:00) From Chris Moyles Radio X interview with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters.

61%VideoAug 2007

Christopher Walken downs jet fighter

Eagle eye shoots aircraft with a single shot

61%VideoFeb 2007

American Idol - spoof

Joe Pesci gets idol

55%VideoDec 2006

Trumping Jack

There's a cuckoo in the nest

53%VideoJun 2007

The Deer Hunter - Russian roulette

Director's Cut version of that classic scene