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PictureDec 2005

Hoff calendar 2006

Hoff all year round

VideoJul 2006

Jump in my car

Hoff on the pull

PictureSep 2005

The Hoffice

New manager promises Hassel free office

VideoAug 2006

The Hoff talks

His first video blog

VideoNov 2007

America's Got Talent: ventriloquist

Kevin Johnson puppeteer slightly out of sync

InteractiveJul 2006

Wax on, wax Hoff

Hairy game stimulates strategic thinking


InteractiveMay 2006

Hoff Invaders

Alien Hoffs in Earth attack!

VideoJul 2010

Roast of David Hasselhoff

Teaser for Comedy Central's Roast of David Hasselhoff. Nothing is Hoff limits for Germany's most beloved pop-singer.

PictureSep 2005

Baywatch star comes to the rescue

Lifeguard prepares to save lives

PictureMar 2010

Celebrities and their kids (1 of 2)

Jim Carey and daughter Jane