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94%VideoApr 2019

Andrew Yang | i am not willing to accept the country we are leaving our children

(2:06) Why entrepreneur Andrew Yang is running for president.

88%VideoDec 2018

Andrew Yang | How to pay for a universal basic income

(7:14) 2020 US presidential candidate Andrew Yang describes how to offset the cost of a universal basic income.


88%VideoFeb 2019

Joe Rogan | Presidential candidate Andrew Yang | UBI

(17:47) Presidential candidate Andrew Yang makes the case for UBI.

88%VideoMar 2019

Andrew Yang | Conversation with the Candidate

(29:58) Uninterripted half an hour Q&A with Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.


87%VideoDec 2018

TYT | 2020 president candidate runs on UBI

(9:38) Serial entrepreneur Andrew Yang explains 'human capitalism', an update of capitalism that puts human values above GDP.


87%VideoFeb 2019

Andrew Yang | Entire socialism-capitalism dichotomy is out of date

(5:53) Taking the best from capitalism, and the best from socialism to build a world around how people are doing.


87%VideoMar 2019

Big Think | Andrew Yang | How financial insecurity reduces IQ scores

(3:57) It turns out that not being able to pay your bills, has the functional equivalent of lowering your IQ by 13 points.

86%VideoApr 2019

Jimmy Dore | Why Andrew Yang opposes the minimum wage

(13:01) Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Young explains how UBI acts as an effective minimum wage.


86%VideoMay 2019

Why Andrew Yang will be nearly unstoppable

(5:47) The Yang 2020 presidential campaign is begining to register in polls.