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VideoMay 2020

Astronaut returns to Earth amid COVID-19

(19:49) NASA astronaut Jessica Meir landed back on a very different planet to the one she left seven months months earlier.

VideoJun 2020

NASA's return to the Moon

(5:31) NASA iis returning to the moon, this time to stay.


VideoAug 2019

How habitable is Saturn's moon Titan?

(11:17) NASA is sending a nuclear battery-powered helicopter to find out.

AnimationSep 2019

NASA | How older Arctic sea ice disappearing


VideoJan 2019

NASA's idea to save Earth from a supervolcano apocalypse

(4:19) Yellowstone National Park sits atop a massive supervolcano, that if it erupted again, would cause global devastation.

VideoMay 2020

SpaceX to launch humans to ISS: May 27

(13:57) Scheduled for May 27, 2020, SpaceX will launch its Crew Dragon Capsule with two astronauts onboard to the International Space Station.

VideoJul 2019

Rarer moments from the Moon

(3:25) Between 1969 and 1972, there were six successful landings on the moon as part of NASA's Apollo program.

VideoMay 2019

NASA | We're going to the Moon

(3:47) NASA is going to the Moon by 2024, this time to stay.


VideoFeb 2019

Opportunity completes Mars mission

(3:51) NASA's Opportunity Mars rover was designed to run for 90 days. But it worked for more than 15 years from 2004 to 2019.

VideoAug 2012

Top five coolest things about Curiosity

(3:25) The Curiosity Mars Rover is not the first rover on Mars, so what makes it so freaking special?