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VideoApr 2020

Wuhan celebrates end of lockdown with spectacular city-wide light show

(1:05) Wuhan was in lockdown for almost 11 weeks.

VideoMar 2020

Medics leave Wuhan as mission Covid-19 concludes

(3:01) Medics from northwest China's Shaanxi Province leave Wuhan after successfully completing their medical assistance mission.


VideoJan 2020

Coronavirus | Voices of Wuhan speak out

(3:17) Anxiety levels in the trapped residents of Wuhan are rising day by day.

VideoFeb 2020

Wendover | How China built a hospital in 10 days

(12:24) In late November 2019, somone ate a wild animal that was by chance carrying the coronavirus.

VideoJan 2020

Coronavirus update | Construction of two new Wuhan hospitals

(3:02) Workers are racing to build two new 1,000-bed hospitals in Wuha, Chinan - within days.


VideoFeb 2020

What shops are open at night in Wuhan?


VideoFeb 2020

Time-lapse | China builds hospital in two weeks

(1:09) As coronavirus continues to spread unabated, two new hospitals are under construction in Wuhan at breakneck speed.