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AnimationJan 2008

Billion Dollar Brain - Title sequence (1967)

Ken Russell's introduction to Harry Palmer's 3rd outing

VideoNov 2009

Michael Caine not blinking

....and I keep on going and I don't blink...


VideoJan 2011

Michael Caine does Michael Caine

Michael Parkingson talks to Michael Caine about having the most impersonated voice in the business. Ironically, he does the worst Michael Caine impression I've heard.


VideoDec 2010

This is how Michael Caine speaks

(1:43) Rob Brydon and Steve Cougan discuss in depth Sir Michael Caine's voice.


VideoJul 2012

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman interviewed about The Dark Knight Rises

(7:29) Veteran actors Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, back as Alfred and Lucius Fox, talk about how it is to work with Christopher Nolan.

PictureJul 2007

Celebrities of the 70s

All the beautiful people - Jack Nicholson 1977


VideoDec 2007

The Italian Job (1969) | Blowing the bloody doors off

(0:58) Dapper mobster Michael Caine recruits his gang.

VideoOct 2013

Alfie (1966) - Trailer

(2:23) The story of a womanising young man (Michael Caine) in sixties London.