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VideoJul 2020

Second Thought | America's looming eviction crisis

(11:29) We're in for a housing crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

VideoSep 2020

The Rational National | CNN segment highlights eviction crisis

(11:52) CNN puts a face to the eviction crisis that could hit 30-40 million Americans by the end of 2020.


VideoNov 2020

Maximilien Robespierre | Matt Hancock tries to defend NHS cuts


VideoApr 2020

Vox | How to read a coronavirus chart

(4:57) Charts can be very misleading, and the COVID-19 chart circulating the media today is no exception.

VideoMay 2020

A Different Bias | France denies bailouts to corporate tax avoiders

(5:31) France, along with Poland and Denmark, will not bailout corporations stricken by coronavirus, who avoid paying taxes.


VideoMay 2020

Astronaut returns to Earth amid COVID-19

(19:49) NASA astronaut Jessica Meir landed back on a very different planet to the one she left seven months months earlier.

VideoAug 2020

The Rational National | CNBC hosts tackle Bernie's billionaire tax

(11:30) CNBC hosts Becky Quick, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Scott Wapner struggle to form an argument against Bernie Sanders' proposal to tax billionaire gains during the pandemic.

VideoJun 2020

Emma Vigeland | Mike Pence's coronavirus propaganda call leaked

(5:04) VP Mike Pence's troubling COVID-19 call with US governors.

VideoJul 2020

Karens Gone Wild: COVID-19 Edition

(1:00) Watch real Karens expose everyone to coronavirus.

AnimationAug 2020

NowThis | How The Simpsons predicted 2020 in 1993

(4:40) From killer bees to protests in the streets, this 1993 'Simpsons' episode predicted the 2020 pandemic with eerie accuracy.