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VideoApr 2020

Ticked Off Vic | A message to the government

(4:49) Comedian Vic DiBitetto is truly ticked off with the government!


VideoApr 2020

Stephen Fry | Will coronavirus keep resurging when lockdowns are lifted?

(10:40) How will the COVID-19 crisis play out?

VideoApr 2020

NowThis | Brad Pitt: Dr Fauci's dream come true

(3:01) SNL's tribute to Dr Fauci.


VideoApr 2020

Thom Hartmann | The billionaires behind the Reopen protests

(7:07) Reopen "The Country" protests have appeared across the US, apparently from nowhere.

VideoApr 2020

NowThis | AOC slams latest COVID-19 relief bill

(3:27) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out Congress for the tiny help for workers in the second round of the trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill.

VideoApr 2020

Transport Evolved | Would you go back to work as it was?



VideoApr 2020

Stephen Colbert | Bill Gates: The 'Return to Normal' solution

(10:08) Bill Gates spells out the rout back to normal - scientific innovation in areas of first testing, then treatments and finally vaccines.

VideoApr 2020

Oil tankers off LA coast with nowhere to go

(1:06) US Coast Guard video shows a flotilla of oil tankers anchored off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.