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VideoJun 2019

TYT | Trump's worst interview yet

(8:36) In a wide-ranging interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, Donald Trump discussed his innocence according to the Mueller Report, and his new-found love for Kim Jong-un.

VideoSep 2020

David Pakman | Cohen: Trump will resign so Pence can pardon him

(7:39) Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen claims that if Trump loses in November, he will resign before leaving office to allow Mike Pence to pardon him.


VideoNov 2020

Trump supporters protest at counting centres in Arizona and Detroit

(1:17) Donald Trump supporters rallied in Phoenix chanting "count the votes". In Detroit Trump supporters chanted "stop the count".


VideoMar 2019

Bill Maher | Trump, the modern day King Cyrus

(6:23) Bill Maher scrutinises the belief espoused by evangelicals that President Trump is a modern day King ... err, who?

VideoNov 2020

Beau of the Fifth Column | Let's talk about Trump's base and evidence

(6:41) The US came very close to losing all the positive aspects it ever had.


VideoNov 2018

Macron defends EU military plans in Trump's presence

(2:20) French president Emmanuel Macron defended his call for a European military force.


VideoMay 2020

The Daily Show | Fox News: Creepy Trump is not fit to be president


VideoNov 2020

The Independent | Trump supporters rally in Washington DC for Million MAGA March

(3:02) Tens of thousands of Trump supporters took to Washington DC to demonstrate backing the outgoing president's unsubstantiated claims of election fraud.


VideoMay 2018

Seth Meyers - Trump's Michigan rally goes off the rails, as usual

(9:01) A closer look at Donald Trump's unhinged performance at a campaign rally in Michigan.


VideoJul 2019

David Pakman | Best economy ever, yet 40% can't pay their bills

(8:29) Donald Trump claims the US economy is the best in history, yet 40% of the population still struggle to pay their bills. How can this be?