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98%VideoOct 2012

Jay Leno asks Obama: What's this thing with Trump and you?

(0:55) Obama tells of clashes between him and Donald that began in their early years.


97%VideoJan 2016

How Donald Trump uses language differently

(6:53) Nerdwriter analyses Donald Trump's answer to a question by Jimmy Kimmel.


97%VideoMar 2016

Bill Maher: The Self-Esteem Movement

(6:42) Bill Maher examines how instilling an over-inflated sense of self importance in children has led to the existence of Donald Trump.


97%VideoFeb 2013

Bill Maher ridicules Donald Trump over lawsuit

(5:39) I really hope this goes to court.


97%VideoAug 2016

Post-Brexit Nigel Farage speech at Donald Trump rally

(7:39) Buoyed up by the Brexit result, Nigel Farage addresses Donald Trump's audience at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi.


96%VideoMay 2016

Noam Chomsky - People angry at everything

(4:42) Noam Chomsky discusses the the rise in support for Donald Trump.


96%VideoJun 2016

Putin on Trump and US democracy

(5:57) Fareed Zakaria questions Vladimir Putin at the St Petersburg Economic Forum 2016.

96%VideoAug 2016

Trump exposes Trump

(5:43) Donald Trump's hypocrisy, in his own words.


96%VideoJan 2017

A Bad Lip Reading - Donald Trump's inauguration

(4:26) Politicians say what they think at Donald Trump's big day.

96%VideoMar 2016

Noam Chomsky - If Trump becomes president

(6:12) Noam Chomsky paints a scary picture of a world with President Trump at the helm of the US.