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93%VideoNov 2015

Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

(21:53) Powerful TEDtalk by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, making the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.

89%AnimationJan 2007

Jamie Oliver - pukka

Bitesize mouth

89%VideoJun 2012

Jamie Oliver tosses a salad in the back of his camper van

(2:32) Essex boy chef Jamie Oliver prepares a salad in his own beloved VW camper van, only this time, The Stig is driving!

87%VideoOct 2010

Jamie Oliver chicken nugget experiment

(4:29) Teaching kids the disgusting process of processing food, all in a good cause of course.


87%VideoMar 2016

Jamie Oliver - Potato or tomato?

(1:44) Children in an elementary school in Huntington, West Virginia, try to identify fresh fruits and vegetables.


80%VideoMar 2007

Jamie Oliver on chicken nuggets

The junk that's in junk food

79%VideoJun 2008

Jamie Oliver suffocates chicks on TV

Demonstrating the brutal practices of Britain's poultry and egg industry


74%VideoFeb 2008

Charlie Brooker on Jamie Oliver

Popular chef gets Blair to be his bitch, and a blowjob from David Cameron!