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SoundJun 2006

Howard Stern and the Korean clock lady

Timepiece repair enquiry


VideoDec 2006

CNN gets Howard Sterned

Three arrested in connection with San Diego fires

VideoJun 2012

Bill O'Reilly - Rare interview with Howard Stern

(7:37) Big American radio personality Howard Stern smacks Bill O'Reilly around in a confrontational interview in 2008.


VideoJan 2013

Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory on Howard Stern Show

(5:25) Lady Gaga's solo rendition of The Edge Of Glory, one of the best live performances ever on his show, says Howard Stern.


SoundOct 2008

Clueless Obama voters in Harlem

Howard Stern radio quiz shows that monumental ignorance is not limited to McCain supporters


SoundNov 2009

Howard Stern hates Kirk Cameron

Stern lays into born-again Christian Kirk Cameron over his views on the teaching of religion and evolution in schools


VideoMar 2016

TYT - Was Trump really against the Iraq war before it began?

(12:27) Donald Trump claimed he was against the Iraq war before it started. But evidence to the contrary has come up from a Howard Stern interview in 2002.

VideoMay 2012

Granny G auditions for America's Got Talent

(1:47) 80-year-old retired real estate broker Granny G shares some information about family values, in a form the younger generation can understand.

VideoJun 2014

America's Got Talent - Adrian Romoff, 9-year-old pianist

(6:30) Charming and over-talented 9-year-old Adrian Romoff shows the panel he really is as smart as he sounds.


VideoOct 2016

Howard Stern discusses Donald Trump

(5:33) American radio personality Howard Stern discusses Donald Trump's comments when he was on The Howard Stern Show.