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99%VideoMay 2013

Pumpcast News - Pumping karaoke at pump 16

(5:05) Host of Pumpcast News on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jack Rafferty surprises a musical couple at pump 16 in Burbank, California.


98%VideoOct 2012

Jay Leno asks Obama: What's this thing with Trump and you?

(0:56) Obama tells of clashes between him and Donald that began in their early years.


97%VideoMay 2008

William Shatner and Joe Jackson cover Common People

(4:24) Live performance on Jay Leno with Ben Folds on keyboard.


95%VideoAug 2013

The Tonight Show - Obama talks about Edward Snowden

(4:52) August 4, 2013: President Barack Obama, talks to Jay Leno about Edward Snowden and the NSA affair.


92%VideoNov 2006

Kenny Muhammad - The Human Orchestra

Beatboxing with Jay Leno and NY Philharmonic


91%VideoJan 2012

Acura NSX Superbowl ad with Jerry Seinfield

(1:52) Jerry Seinfeld stops at nothing to acquire the very first Acura NSX.


89%VideoJul 2007

Daniel Radcliffe talks to Jay Leno

Potty Londoner on the cusp of 18

89%VideoJul 2011

Louis CK admits he's prejudiced against 20-year-olds

(5:05) White American comedian Louis CK talks to Jay Leno about the youth of today. And as any great comedian should, he makes some sharp observations.


88%VideoOct 2007

Barack Obama with Jay Leno

Genealogical study reveals family rogues


88%VideoJan 2013

Jay Leno - New concerns over marijuana legalisation emerges

(0:36) Animal owners are being warned of excessive pot smoking too close to their pets.