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VideoJun 2007

High fireman

Marijuana farm blaze gets firefighter hysterical


VideoApr 2013

Jimmy Kimmel - Gay couple or straight friends, could you tell which?

(4:16) Chairwoman of the Republican Party in Georgia Sue Everhart argues that if gay marriage is legalised, straight people will pretend to be gay for health benefits.


VideoJun 2009

Eminem teaches Jimmy Kimmel to rap

Digging deep into the painful past of Briefcase Joe

VideoDec 2008

Tom Jones, the ultimate fighter on Jimmy Kimmel

Welsh singer slugs it out promoting his new album.

VideoAug 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum on Jimmy Kimmel

Guillermo is the new Matt

VideoAug 2007

Bear Grylls on Jimmy Kimmel Live

From Edward to Teddy to Bear, so sweet


VideoSep 2007

Chris Crocker's dad on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Father responds to his son's YouTube rants


VideoOct 2009

Jimmy Kimmel introduces the T-Pain Autotune app

Obama gets auto-tuned with iPhone app. Additional production assistance provided by: the Gregory Brothers.

VideoJul 2012

Louis CK predicts the next iPhone

(1:40) Mexican-American stand-up comedian Louis CK has trouble adapting to the modern world.

VideoFeb 2011

The President's Speech

Jimmy Kimmel airs the trailer for The President's Speech, the adaptation of a great British success for an American audience. But how will The King's Speech translate?