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96%VideoJun 2012

VSauce Michael - We are all related

(5:49) Statistically, everybody is at least 50th cousin with everybody else. And when you look deeper, the relationship between the atoms that make us up, is mind blowing.


96%VideoSep 2014

Young guitarist clashes with his parents over his future

(7:32) That young person is Alex Lifeson, guitarist for Canadian prog rockers Rush.


96%VideoMay 2013

Reddit restores granddad's navy photo

(5:09) Steve wanted to restore a photo of his 87-year-old granddad in uniform taken when he was in the Royal Navy during WW2.


96%VideoDec 2014

Oh God, it's Mom

(2:38) Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are brothers with opposite political views. They were both on C-SPAN when mom called in.

95%VideoMay 2015

Cardboard boxes save babies in Finland

(1:28) Finland, one of the most generous welfare states in the world is also the best place to be a mother, according to Save The Children.


94%VideoJun 2011

Louis C.K. as a father

(2:03) Stand-up comedian Louis C.K. talks about being a dad.

94%VideoDec 2011

Grandpa discusses dubstep

(1:13) 90-year-old grandpa and grandma listen to Skrillex for the first time.


94%VideoNov 2012

TYT - Man sues wife for being too ugly!

(2:52) A bizarre story that could easily have come from the minds of The Onion, only it's from China.

94%VideoMar 2013

Russian mother vs. her son

(0:19) Don't mess with mum.


94%VideoApr 2014

70-year-old granny's first time on a roller coaster

(0:55) Some of life's joys should not be missed.