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88%VideoFeb 2017

Home alone with dad and Michael Jackson


88%VideoAug 2009

Michael Jackson at home with his children

Raw footage at birthday time


87%PictureNov 2008


Mature babies and their imature dads. More at www.manbabies.com


87%VideoApr 2009

How To Talk To Dads by 9-year-old author Alec Greven

After the sucess of his first book, How To Talk To Girls, which started as an elementary school project and ended up on the New York Times best sellers list, he has become a publishing phenomenon


87%VideoJul 2017

Elon Musk's father worries about his son getting bored

(0:51) Errol Musk is the father of Kimbal and Elon Musk.

87%VideoJul 2014

Dad claims land in Africa for his daughter to be a real princess

(3:59) Jeremiah Heaton has claimed the only remaining unclaimed land in the world - 800 square miles of desert between Egypt and Sudan - so that his daughter could fulfil her wish to be a real princess.


87%VideoJun 2015

Jimmy Kimmel - One thing you never told your dad

(2:28) Some awkward moments when Jimmy Kimmel asked people who were with their fathers, to tell one thing they did that they never told him about.

87%VideoDec 2015

Passionate gymnastics coach

(1:55) The Cuban-American gymnast is Danell Leyva.


87%VideoJul 2016

How to be a Kiwi Dad

(1:29) Instructional video for wannabe dads.


87%VideoNov 2016

Dad learns daughter's gymnastic moves

(1:48) 41-year-old dad tries to learn his 9-year-old daughter's gymnastics routines.