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89%VideoNov 2009

How to celebrate a goal, when you have no fans

Footballer uses ingenuity


88%VideoNov 2009

Interviews with Sarah Palin supporters

On November 20, 2009, Sarah Palin visited Columbus, OH as part of her book signing tour for 'Going Rogue'. Here's your chance to meet her fans.


88%VideoNov 2009

Barnsley fan scores Barnsley's only goal against Man Utd

Not the sort of goal that we want to see


88%VideoApr 2012

Russian football fans taunt rivals with cock-sucking lion

(2:19) Spartak fans taunt Zenit St Petersburg with a banner of the Zenit lion roaring for cock!

88%VideoNov 2013

The Graham Norton Show - Lady Gaga meets Mr Motormouth

(3:24) Graham Norton skypes Lady Gaga's biggest fan, Mr Motormouth.


88%VideoAug 2016

The Daily Show - Donald Trump supporters take an ideology test

(4:32) After Donald Trump proposes extreme vetting for Muslims, Jordan Klepper quizzes his supporters on what that means.

88%VideoSep 2016

Trump supporter discusses the minutia of taxes

(3:22) Donald Trump's America.

88%VideoOct 2016

Look Up - Fan-made SpaceX ad

(1:37) From YT: "I have no ties to SpaceX - I'm just a fan of what they're trying to do."


88%VideoNov 2016

Jimmy Dore remembers Bernie at the Democratic National Convention

(6:18) What could have been.


88%VideoFeb 2018

The Daily Show - What to expect from a Trump rally

(3:03) As long as it says Trump, you won't be thinking about how bad it is.