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VideoOct 2008

Fox News - Bill O'Reilly interview (with live audience)

Neil Cavuto chats with O'Reilly Factor host. The addition of a 'laughter track' adds a whole new dimension.


VideoSep 2007

Paul O'Neil - The 2007 Lie

Shock finding: Iraq targeted from day one!

VideoFeb 2018

teleSUR special interview with Noam Chomsky

(23:43) Noam Chomsky on Donald Trump and humanitarian intervention.


VideoJun 2019

FT | Vladimir Putin: The end of the "liberal idea"

(6:42) Russian president Vladimir Putin talks to Financial Times editor Lionel Barber.

VideoJun 2009

Bruno goes to a Christian rock festival

Do you think changing the Bible stories would get more people to relate to them? Austrian yet gay fashion reporter asks some dicky questions.


VideoNov 2006

Borat Sagdiyev on Hannity & Colmes

Cultural learnings from Kazakhstan's top journalist

VideoNov 2008

David Dimbleby vs. Gore Vidal on US election night

A difficult interview expertly handled by David Dimbleby


VideoMar 2008

2 Minutes with Ricky Gervais

The Hour, has two minutes of rapid fire questions about anything


VideoApr 2010

Gordon Brown calls a Labour supporter a bigoted woman

The enemy of any public figure, the open and forgotten microphone, this time caught out Gordon Brown. This story has swamped British news, but does it really deserve to? After all, it seems obvious he thought the woman said, 'where are they fucking from?', not what she actually said, 'where are they flocking from?'. Isn't that why he called her a bigoted woman? End of story.


VideoJul 2005

Drunk Russian miner

Drunk worker sneaks the spotlight