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98%VideoFeb 2012

Brain dead teen, only capable of rolling her eyes and texting

(3:09) The Onion goes beyond the facts and reports on the story of Caitlin Tegart, who at the age of only 12, lost her ability to do anything but roll her eyes and text.


98%VideoJan 2012

Deaf child chats with her mum at the dinner table

(4:07) 24-month-old Ava chats fluently with her mum across the dinner table.


97%VideoJul 2011

Kids reacts to gay couple

Calen meets a gay couple for the very first time and tries to make sense of it. With reference to the poll, some interesting background on homosexuality in animals from Wikipedia:


97%VideoAug 2012

Games we play

(2:17) What games do you play?


97%VideoJan 2013

Muhammed Ali plays with the minds of children

(4:31) School kids meet the Greatest.


97%VideoSep 2013

Saddest boy ever

(0:39) Sad boy melts the heart of a drill instructor sent to teach him respect and discipline.


96%VideoNov 2011

Vodafone Romanian TV ad - Young boys with older girls

Punch line in Romanian "Unele lucruri merg pana la o anumita varsta. Profita cat esti tanar" translates as "Some things work only until a certain age. Make your best of it while you can".


96%VideoJun 2013

Two black metal kids known as 'Unlocking The Truth'

(3:43) Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins are two 12-year-old metal heads who met at a birthday party and started a band. The rest will be history.


96%VideoAug 2014

Action Movie Kid - Vol 2

(2:46) Enjoy AMK adventures strung together.


96%AnimationAug 2011

Space travel according to John

(3:06) Scottish kid John Gillespie talks about the difficulties in getting to Mars, illustrated by a fantastic animated sand drawing.