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97%VideoMar 2013

Dove for Men

(1:08) Awesome, funny and creative Brazilian Ad for Dove.

94%VideoDec 2011

Can men and women be just friends?

Filmmakers Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero go to Utah State University library to find out if men and women can be just friends


94%VideoApr 2014

What boys look for in girls

(3:55) Everyone wants to be attractive, but what is attraction based on?

94%VideoOct 2016

How to hug another man

(3:19) A must watch for any man with a social life.


92%Oct 2006

How to make a woman happy


90%VideoJun 2005

Rachel gets fruity

Ok boys, get your plums out for Rachel Stevens


90%VideoMar 2012

Louis CK - The difference between boys and girls

(2:59) Boys and girls start off different, but that difference remains as they grow into men and women.

89%Oct 2002

Men and women differ...

89%PictureNov 2006

Man of the year 2

Nomination for new gentleman


88%VideoJan 2018

Joe Rogan & Danica Patrick - What women don't understand about men

(8:28) American pro-racing driver Danica Patrick and Joe Rogan discuss what women don't understand about men.