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PictureMar 2005

Two weddings and a funeral

Charles - middle class romantic


VideoMay 2012

Cassetteboy vs The Diamond Queen

(2:12) The Queen is now in her Diamond Jubilee year, but what does she do? Cassetteboy finds out.


VideoAug 2012

Morphing tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

(3:24) From YT: "This is a video tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on achieving 60 years as the constitutional monarch of the Commonwealth realms, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations, head of state of the Crown dependencies and British Overseas Territories, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and in many of her realms she carries the title Defender of the Faith."


PictureMar 2005

Queen Mum returns as Yoda

Anticipated wedding appearance in disguise

Nov 2005

In the navy

VideoDec 2007

The Queen puts her foot in it

A right royal mess

VideoApr 2009

Michelle Obama's London style

First Lady steals the spotlight in a protocol breaking hug with the Queen


PictureMay 2010

Entertaining the Queen


VideoMay 2012

Prince Charles reads the weather forecast

(1:10) During his visit to a BBC Scotland TV studio, Prince Charles gave weather forecasting a go.


VideoJan 2020

Meghan and Harry waxworks separated from royal family

(1:10) It's now set in wax, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are separating from the Royal set at Madame Tussauds, London.