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93%VideoOct 2011

Tim Minchin hosts first BBC Comedy Prom

Comedian and musician Tim Minchin at the Royal Albert Hall, performing the Doctor Who theme arranged for keytar and orchestra, while disguised as Prince Charles. What more could you want.


93%VideoJun 2015

Dashing Prince Charles goes skateboarding (1979)

(2:05) Young Prince Charles visits 'Inter-Action', a community arts group based in Kentish Town in London.

89%PictureJul 2007

Prince Charles the Perv of Wales

Battle of the bulge...


88%VideoNov 2016

Prince Charles on a chap called Leonard Cohen

(0:35) In an interview with Ant & Dec from 2006, Prince Charles talked about a remarkable man called Leonard Cohen.


87%VideoMay 2012

Prince Charles tries his hand at DJing

(1:31) On a royal visit to Canada, Prince Charles leans how to be a jolly good DJ at a youth centre in Toronto.

87%VideoJun 2019

When Stephen Fry spent Christmas with Prince Charles

(3:14) Stephen Fry tells the story of his encounter with royalty one New Year's Day.

86%PictureMar 2015

Inside Prince Charles' luxury Airbus

[9 pics] Heir Force One is an Airbus A320 chartered from Masterjet in Paris by Prince Charles and Camila for their trips abroad.


85%PictureFeb 2005

Charles goes riding

Saddle by day, bareback by night


85%PictureOct 2010

Proof Prince Charles does give a monkey's about the Commonwealth Games


82%PictureMar 2005

Two weddings and a funeral

Charles - middle class romantic