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VideoAug 2019

James Lovelock's 4-point plan to save humankind

(7:45) 100-year-old scientist and inventor James Lovelock explains his plan to save us all.

VideoDec 2013

Bill Nye's open letter to President Obama

(3:23) Science Guy Bill Nye makes the case for funding planetary exploration.


PictureDec 2010

2010 in photographs

A bird is mired in oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast on Thursday, June 3, 2010. Crude oil flowed from a hole in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico for three months after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank on April 20th, 2010.


VideoNov 2020

David Pakman | Steve Bannon says behead Fauci

(4:04) Steve Bannon calls for the heads of Dr Fauci and FBI director Christopher Wray.

VideoNov 2009

Richard Dawkins: One fact to convince a creationist to doubt

La la la, says Dawkins, you cannot argue with a mind like that. Then he delivers a knock-out punch line.


VideoOct 2010

Do scientists believe in God?

If you ask a scientist a straightforward question, like 'Do you believe in God?', would you expect a straightforward answer? Probably why scientists don't make good politicians.


VideoJun 2010

Neil deGrasse Tyson debunks 2012 Mayan doom prophecy

World Science Festival 2010, educator scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson empowers his students with his perspective on the end of civilisation, as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Go forth and think.


VideoNov 2020

Douglas Murray and Bret Weinstein | Should we end capitalism?

(4:53) British conservative author and political commentator Douglas Murray and American biologist and evolutionary theorist Bret Weinstein discuss how capitalism is misunderstood.


VideoSep 2012

Lawrence Krauss on the poetry of the universe

(1:58) Canadian-American theoretical physicist Laurence Krauss speaks about the poetry of the universe.


VideoJan 2010

Richard Feynman - Why do magnets repel each other

(7:33) Physicist Richard Feynman tries to explain to a non-scientist just how difficult it can be to answer certain questions in lay terms.