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97%VideoJul 2011

Richard Dawkins - Absolute Morality

(2:32) After removing his glasses, Richard Dawkins gives a brilliant summation on morality in reply to a Muslim's question.


96%VideoMar 2013

Richard Dawkins justifies faith in science

(1:26) Richard Dawkins is asked how he would justify that scientific evidence is the basis for finding the truth.


96%VideoSep 2011

Richard Dawkins is asked: "Do you think religion should be taught in schools?"

Prominent atheist Richard Dawkins on whether he thinks religion has a place in schools


95%VideoJul 2012

Richard Dawkins vs Young Earth Creationist

(4:36) Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins debates religion on Australian TV. An Australian politician, embarrassed at his own stupidity, plays politician and can't answer a simple yes/no question.


95%VideoJun 2011

The Big Think - Richard Dawkins on faith

Questions to evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on 'faith'


94%VideoJun 2015

Girl questions Richard Dawkins' religion

(7:52) Confused Catholic girl discusses the validity of science with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss.


94%VideoOct 2012

Dawkins and Krauss discuss religious beliefs of political candidates

(3:06) Topical snippet from a conversation between evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss about Mitt Romney and Mormonism.

94%VideoJun 2014

Richard Dawkins chats to Bill Maher

(9:17) Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher to promote his book 'An Appetite for Wonder'.

94%VideoSep 2015

Richard Dawkins responds to Ben Affleck's attack on Sam Harris

(3:00) Is attacking a particular religious group being racist? Richard Dawkins provides an easy way to tell.


94%VideoDec 2012

Richard Dawkins: Militant atheism

(31:08) TEDtalk by biologist Richard Dawkins, just before the publishing of 'The God Delusion' in 2006, the book that propelled him to prominence as a militant atheist.