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91%VideoOct 2006

Richard Dawkins upsets Stephen Colbert

Scientist goes one god further


91%VideoMay 2007

Beyond Belief 2006

Neil deGrasse Tyson rebukes Richard Dawkins' style

91%VideoApr 2010

Vogter praises Richard Dawkins for Pope arrest campaign

Strong language, strong points. Danish YouTube user Vogter is angry over the how Catholic priests seem to be above the law.


91%VideoMar 2011

Richard Dawkins: We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones

Richard Dawkins reads from his 1998 book 'Unweaving The Rainbow'. The book discusses the relationship between science and the arts, inspired by English poet John Keats' accusation that Isaac Newton destroyed the beauty of the rainbow by explaining it.


91%VideoOct 2011

Richard Dawkins vs Bill O'Reilly on The Magic of Reality

Atheist Richard Dawkins returns to The O'Reilly Factor for another bout against Bill O'Reilly over his new book 'The Magic of Reality'


90%VideoNov 2011

Ray Comfort would love to hear Richard Dawkins' thorts

(0:50) Better known as 'Banana Man', creationist Ray Comfort gave Richard Dawkins a copy of his new 33 minute documentary '180' on Hitler and abortion. Comfort is waiting for the great atheist's thorts on his epic work.


90%VideoJan 2010

Why Richard Dawkins doesn't debate creationists

By agreeing to share a platform with them, he validates their status


90%VideoNov 2010

Symphony of Science - A Wave of Reason

A new wave of reason sweeping across America. This is the seventh instalment in the Symphony of Science music video series, intended to promote scientific reasoning and scepticism in a world where faith (believing whatever just because) is more often revered than ridiculed.


90%VideoMar 2011

How come some people are very smart but also extremely religious?

A great question for an equally baffled Richard Dawkins. An intelligent reply if not conclusive.


90%VideoAug 2012

Hard science at the LHC

(3:08) While discussing the Large Hadron Collider, Richard Dawkins tells of the misprint that almost made it into print.