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92%AnimationJan 2008

American Dad - Bond opening sequence

Action filled and in need of a HIV test


90%VideoMay 2012

Welcome to The Drone Age

(8:25) Director of Reprieve Clive Stafford Smith discusses the world we are very quickly entering, the world of drones.

88%VideoSep 2015

Leaked catalogue of NSA spy gadgets



87%PictureJul 2010

Anna Chapman, real-life hot Russian spy

28-year-old Anna Chapman is the hot Russian spy accused of spying on the United States for Russia's intelligence service, the SVR. Cold War style plot against America. More from Wikipedia http://tiny.cc/uunxx


87%VideoDec 2013

Prioria Robotics Maveric, drone disguised as bird

(1:30) The US Army has taken delivery of 36 Maveric state-of-the-art surveillance micro-drones, which disguise themselves as birds.

86%ShopNov 2013

BPR6 Spy Pen with HD video camera

You never know when you might need it.


86%VideoMar 2018

TYT - Did Putin have a former spy and his daughter poisoned?

(6:28) Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal (66) and his daughter are critically ill after exposure to an “unknown substance.


86%VideoMar 2018

James O'Brien: Where are you getting your information from?

(4:20) A caller doubts Russia's involvement in the assassination attempt of a Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

85%PictureOct 2010

Protecting undercover agents


83%VideoFeb 2008

Inside a Soviet spy station

A fully intact, never-launched Cold War spy satellite called Almaz