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VideoApr 2004

Blood on your hands

VideoFeb 2020

Jo-Anne McArthur | An inside look at factory farms

(4:31) Watching chickens die.


VideoFeb 2020

NowThis | Longtime Arkansas livestock farmers go vegan

(5:28) From meat to mushrooms. After 20 years of animal farming, these farmers went vegan and turned to farming mushrooms.

PictureJan 2009

Save wild deer

Keep it off the wall


VideoAug 2015

The rescue of Rusty Diamond

(5:56) Rescuing a dog from a life of cruelty.


VideoMar 2009

IFAW - Jumbo touches down

Elephant comes in to land in this public service announcement by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to make people think twice before purchasing souvenirs made from animal products


VideoAug 2010

Coventry kitty litter

Footage from outside the Sacred Heart School in Coventry. A middle-aged woman throws a friendly cat into a wheelie-bin. It emerged 15 hours later... unscathed. Britain is up in arms, it is the biggest story today.


VideoMay 2011

Dog kept for ten years on a chain

No blanket, no toy, no bone for ten years. Sadly, such cruelty is not uncommon.


VideoJan 2013

Woody Harrelson - A video about fur

(2:55) Cruelty in the fur industry through the experience of an unfortunate stuffed animal, narrated by American actor Woody Harrelson for The Humane Society of the United States.


VideoFeb 2014

Jackie Chan stands up against illegal rhino horn trade

(0:39) Trade in rhino horn has a long history, now mainly in the belief that they have cancer beating properties.