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VideoApr 2020

Bear cub meets fawn for the first time


VideoAug 2006

Panda fright

Sneezing baby startles mum


PictureFeb 2007

USS Honolulu at the Arctic Circle

Polar bears investigate submarine

VideoApr 2008

Air Bear (as seen in New York)

Joshua Allen Harris creates inflatable animals by tying plastic shopping bags to the subway grates


VideoDec 2005

Pole climbing bear

California Black Bear in for a shock

VideoApr 2008

SNL - When Animals Attack in High Speed Chases 2

Graphic images of bloody animal attacks and the messy remains of horrible car accidents, over and over again courtesy of Chris Rock


VideoMay 2009

800 pound grizzly bear, a man's best friend

Passion for wildlife leads Casey Anderson to form an unusual relationship with Brutus


PictureJul 2007

Alaska grizzly bear notice

Warning to tourists, hikers and fishermen


AnimationSep 2007

Animals at Play

Husky's best friend, a polar bear

VideoNov 2005

Polar bear

Captive mother spots child