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87%VideoApr 2011

Polar bear's blue hat show

A baby polar bear (born Nov 2010) struggles with a bucket at Aalborg Zoo in Denmark


87%VideoMay 2012

Polar bear cub's first swim

(1:05) Impromptu swimming lesson for a polar bear cub as it was exploring.

87%VideoJun 2012

Polar bear breaks glass at Rotterdam Zoo

(0:48) Vicks the Polar Bear smashes the glass with a rock. Prison break or just playing?


87%VideoMar 2013

Meltdown, a board game that teaches children about climate change

(1:27) Created by German science magazine GEOlino, Meltdown actually melts as you play it.


87%VideoSep 2017

Tribes react to polar bears

(1:57) People from The Solomon Islands, Ethiopia and Mongolia react to a polar bear clip from BBC's Planet Earth.

86%PictureAug 2007

Baby polar bear

From incubator to growing up

85%AnimationOct 2009

Highway to the Danger Zone - Alaska Nanooks polar bear promo

Way over-the-top hockey promotion with polar bear


Halls Lite 84%VideoMar 2007

Halls Lite - Shaving polar bear

Warm bear takes action

84%PictureMay 2009

Ten random pictures - 20

Kids and guns, women and guns, hyena, snow, bear and child, smoking, aircraft carrier, polar bear, family pet and a gymnast


83%VideoSep 2009

Polar bear underwater discharge

Bear does a surprise poo at the Pittsburgh Zoo