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94%VideoAug 2012

Ball girl removes bug at Australian Open

(0:49) German tennis pro Cedrik-Marcel Stebe asks the ball girl to pick up a wandering cockroach during a match against Aussie Lleyton Hewitt at the Australian Open.


93%VideoJul 2015

Sign of a quality beer



91%VideoJun 2014

What robots can learn from cockroaches

(5:09) UC Berkeley biologist Robert Full studies cockroach legs and gecko feet. His research is helping to build robots based on evolution's trials and successes. TEDtalks 2014.

89%VideoFeb 2006

Nicholas Cage

Out to lunch

89%VideoDec 2008

Culinary students cook eyeballs

(1:28) Chefs turn roaches, rodents and reptiles into fine cuisine.


88%VideoOct 2012

How to keep bugs at bay in the kitchen

(1:04) Great natural trick to get rid of ants and cockroaches.


88%AnimationMay 2013

Cockroach, the perfect creature

(2:16) The cockroach is the ultimate survivor and arguably the closest nature has come to perfection.


87%VideoJun 2012

Gecko and cockroach share disappearing trick

(0:59) Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have observed stealth tactics employed by cockroaches and geckos which allow them to seemingly vanish.


87%VideoMar 2014

Death to millions of cockroaches

(5:12) Pana Fire Department perform a controlled burn of a house infested with cockroaches.

87%VideoJul 2014

Car infested with roaches

(0:24) A hoarder's car in the car park is teeming with life.