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94%VideoMar 2015

How hermit crabs upgrade their homes

(4:52) Hermit crabs use abandoned seashells as mobile homes, but at some point they grow too big and it's time to upgrade.


94%VideoSep 2016

Crab and anemones travel together

(2:38) Together we are stronger.

93%VideoFeb 2015

Holy shit, flying octopus grabs huge crab!



93%VideoMay 2017

Crab fashion

(3:37) Crabs that don the latest in seaweed fashion.

92%VideoFeb 2017

Octopus and crab face off


91%VideoDec 2011

Carl Sagan explains evolution

(8:11) Evolution is so simple that once you grasp it, you realise that evolution cannot not happen. Carl Sagan tells the story of the Heike crab with its near-perfect image of a Samurai warrior on the back its shell.

90%VideoMay 2007

Pistol shrimp

Gangster of the ocean

90%VideoOct 2012

Marching spider crabs encounter a stealth stingray

(4:19) Footage from BBC Life - Creatures of the Deep.


89%VideoMar 2010

Ants vs crabs, small vs big

Strength in numbers. Incredible footage of ants working together attacking an armoured crab. From BBC's Ant Attack.


89%VideoSep 2010

Deep sea feeding frenzy

Guess who's coming to dinner. Time lapse video of a fish carcass after finally laying to rest on the ocean floor.