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96%VideoJul 2014

Kayakers raised by whale

(1:57) Kayakers whale watching off the coast of Argentina encounter some friendly whales swimming towards them.


96%VideoAug 2015

Blue whale's impeccable timing

(1:37) Zoologist Mark Carwardine explains why whale spotting can be difficult.

95%VideoJun 2014

Mother whale shows off her calf to tourists

(2:28) A mother gray whale and her calf enjoy the attention of humans.


95%VideoNov 2011

Magical day with a right whale

(2:10) National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry describes a magical experience photographing an enormous right whale off the coast of New Zealand.


94%VideoNov 2008

Penguin escapes the jaws of a killer whale

Smart move by a rather stupid bird


94%VideoSep 2011

Wild orca tries to communicate by imitating the boat's motor

(1:15) Luna was a wild orca boy (young killer whale) who lost his family, after which he started to look for social contact with humans.


94%VideoSep 2012

Whale steals boat at anchor

(1:43) A beautiful morning in Toquart Bay, British Columbia in Canada, tourists watch in terror as a humpback whale lunges and catches the anchor of their boat.

94%VideoJul 2013

Close call with hungry humpbacks

(1:17) Two divers almost swallowed by hungry humpback whales off the coast of California.


94%VideoSep 2013

Migaloo - One in a million encounter

(3:40) Chance encounter with Migaloo, an albino humpback whale as he journeys from the Great Barrier Reef back to Antarctica.


94%VideoNov 2014

Close encounter with 6 huge humpbacks

(2:04) The fjords of Norway are full of herring at this time of year and the whales work together to hunt them.