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VideoOct 2008

Attenborough - I hate nature

Highly respected naturalist shares his deepest thoughts about nature


VideoJan 2007

The truth about global warming

David Attenborough explains

VideoOct 2020

BBC | David Attenborough | Are humans responsible for pandemics?

(5:04) Scientists believe our destructive relationship with nature is putting us at greater risk of pandemeics.

VideoMay 2008

The Giant Amazon Water Lily

Victoria amazonica is native to Brazil and the Amazon. This lily can grow leaves up to 8ft. wide.


VideoMay 2007

Ant attack

Carnivorous fungi devours from within


VideoJun 2009

David Attenborough on God's eyeball-eating worm

British broadcaster and naturalist states he is not a religious believer


VideoAug 2010

The unsinkable Brazilian pygmy gecko

So small it'll sit comfortably on a fingertip, this tiny reptile, while it struggles with raindrops, takes to water like a duck. David Attenborough narrates.


VideoFeb 2014

David Attenborough describes curling at Sochi 2014

(1:54) David Attenborough goes to deepest Russia to investigate one of nature's most curious creatures, the curler.

VideoJun 2010

Triumph of the Herbivores

From BBC's 'Life of Mammals', stunning footage of hebivores in action narrated by David Attenborough. Maybe the time is ripe to turn to vegetarianism.


VideoNov 2007

Attenborough convinced about global warming

How scientists can be sure that humans contribute