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96%VideoAug 2014

Flash flood, Illgraben in Switzerland

(2:14) July 28, 2014: Debris coming down the mountain following torrential rain in the Alps.


95%VideoDec 2011

Melbourne fire engine negotiates flooded road

(1:01) Melbourne, Australia on Christmas Day 2011, a fire engine emerges from flood waters, refilled and with a clean windscreen, ready to do its duty.


94%VideoAug 2011

National Guard vs Hurricane Irene

(3:06) Severe flooding in Manville, New Jersey.


94%VideoMar 2014

Bill Nye sinks Noah's Ark

(4:39) Science Guy Bill Nye sinks the Bible's boat with logic and evidence.


94%VideoMay 2015

It's Flooding Down In Texas

(1:16) May 25, 2015. Drone footage after torrential rain fell in Austin, Texas.

94%VideoOct 2008

Flooded road collapses

Destructive flood caught red-handed


94%VideoApr 2011

North of Fargo on flooded Interstate 29

Crossing the flatlands of the Red River Valley, North Dakota. For about five miles, the road was flooded to a depth of about one foot, making for a quite surreal drive on water.


94%VideoNov 2011

Decommissioning of Condit Dam, White Salmon River

Completed in 1913, Condit Dam is the largest dam to be removed in the United States. This time lapse is the first stage of the demolition.


94%VideoAug 2016

Bill Nye rips CNN's climate change denying meteorologist

(5:21) When commenting on the devastating flooding of Louisiana, Bill Nye called out CNN for having a climate change denying weather expert.


93%VideoOct 2012

NYC subway damage by Hurricane Sandy

(6:08) Video released by the MTA of extensive damage in the New York City Subway.