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90%VideoJun 2011

Nobody Canna Cross It (Di Bus Can Swim)

Crossing the roaring Yallas River in Jamaica. Remix by Kalcium. www.myspace.com/kalciummusic4u


89%VideoFeb 2009

Bowling girl hits the sprinkler

High flying, dam buster style team mate floods the place


89%VideoFeb 2010

Train vs flood

Bueno Aires train announces its approach with a big splash


89%VideoAug 2009

Acura NSX submarine

(0:41) After a few hours of torrential rain in Orange Park, FL, a driver takes his Acura through the floods for 15 mins.


88%VideoJun 2010

Trans-Canadian Highway washed away

Maple Creek, SK, nearby overflowing reservoir takes out the highway

88%VideoJan 2011

Floating architecture for a changing climate

Going with the flow. 2/3 of the Dutch population live below sea-level kept at bay by an impressive network of dikes. But in a world of rising sea-level, the Dutch are rethinking their approach to survival. Rather than fighting water, they will rise above it. Koen Olthuis is one of the young architects leading the world towards an amphibious future.

88%PictureSep 2005

More havoc from Katrina

A reminder - in anticipation of Hurricane Rita

88%VideoMay 2008

Malaysia landslide (1993)

Large seaside excavation collapses


88%VideoJun 2008

Surging tide of Qiantang River, China's annual tidal wave

Thousands flock to Hangzhou Bay to witness a freakish sight. In a normal year it is an awesome display, but this is not a normal year...


88%PictureOct 2008

Easyjet in deep trouble

Low cost airline trials fuel-saving method of crossing the Channel