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95%VideoDec 2011

How to take photos of bugs and other small creatures

(7:40) Brief introduction to macro-photography of bugs and other small strange creatures. It's the high-tech eyes that stand out, like aliens in the undergrowth.


94%VideoSep 2013

Dance of the Peacock Spider

(3:03) Courtship display of the coastal peacock spider.


94%VideoJun 2014

Bumblebee in spectacular rescue mission

(1:06) Captured on film, a stricken bumblebee caught in a spider's web is rescued by another bumblebee.


94%VideoDec 2014

Tarantula molting is like an alien from a science fiction movie

(5:37) First video of a Xenesthis sp "White" tarantula molting.

94%VideoAug 2015

Super-real 3D spider drawing


93%VideoNov 2015

Australia's venomous redback spider

(6:06) David Attenborough explores the world of the redback spider with some amazing close up footage.

93%VideoApr 2018

Festo - BionicWheelBot

(2:27) Inspired by the Moroccan flic-flac spider.

93%VideoDec 2008

Jumping spider mating behaviour

Salticidae trying very hard to excite a female


93%VideoSep 2011

First glimpse of a White Lady Spider setting off into the night

A male White Lady Spider sets off across the featureless desert in the dead of night in search of something. But what is it? Footage from the BBC Animal Camera team. Narrated by Steve Leonard.


92%VideoApr 2011

Bizarre courtship of the Australian peacock spider

Dr Jurgen Otto captures the courtship and mating behaviour of the Australian peacock spider (Maratus volans).