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VideoDec 2009

Slippery slope for stupid driver

Despite being warned by neighbours, this couple decided to take their car out for a drive on dangerous icy roads. Not very bright.


VideoJan 2011

Winter fails 2011

The year has not started well for some


AnimationAug 2006

Antarctica - A Year on Ice

Time-lapsed seasons in the coldest land on Earth

VideoJan 2016

Winter coats and car seat belts don't mix

(3:50) Crash test show how easy it is to "slip through" a winter coat while strapped in with a seat belt.

PictureDec 2009

Car snowed under


VideoOct 2010

Summer In The City

Quincy Jones cover of Lovin' Spoonful classic hit 'Summer in the City', the coolest summer heat you'll ever feel


VideoNov 2010

Icy streets and ruts, Billings MT

Slip slidin' away into winter. Billings drivers forget that the 35 mph speed limit applies for dry sunny days.


VideoNov 2010

Car driver takes on a steep icy hill, and fails

Another casualty. Winter conditions come around every year, but when will people learn?


VideoJan 2011

Boiling water at -30C

What happens when you throw boiling water into the air on a winter day in Yellowknife, Canada? It evaporates.


VideoMar 2015

Winter of Iceland

(4:27) Beyond Nature III time-lapse of winter landscapes in Iceland.