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VideoApr 2020

Penguins weigh in at Saint Louis Zoo


VideoMar 2020

Penguins explore the aquarium

(0:56) The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has let its penguins wander around freely after closing to visitors due to the coronavirus outbreak.

VideoFeb 2006

Happy monkey

Swinging chimp discovers pleasure bars

VideoJun 2005

Panda attack

Cuddly panda turns angry

VideoSep 2006

Australia Zoo

Steve Irwin typical day

VideoApr 2020

Gorilla plays peek-a-boo with toddler

(0:54) Both aged 2, gorilla and toddler play peek-a-boo at Columbus Zoo in Ohio.


VideoMay 2008

Panda sneeze attack

Bear in need of antihistamine and a Kleenex


VideoMar 2020

ET the Walrus practices his vocalisations



VideoNov 2005

Polar bear

Captive mother spots child

VideoFeb 2002

Man gets head stuck in elephant bum

A quick clean of the elephant enclosure at the Zoo and it all goes horribly wrong. An early classic.