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VideoNov 2009

Baby deer jumps into lion enclosure

Crowd supports deer at the National Zoo in Washington DC (9 November 2009)


VideoMay 2013

Panda really doesn't want to play

(0:51) Kohin, baby panda at Adventure World, Wakayama, Japan.

VideoJun 2011

Break dancing gorilla at the zoo

Calgary Zoo are proud to present Zola, a young gorilla playing around. This is not rehearsed choreography, the music was added afterwards.

VideoSep 2009

Polar bear underwater discharge

Bear does a surprise poo at the Pittsburgh Zoo


VideoAug 2011

Orangutan thinks he's human

Well-mannered orangutang at Tokyo Zoo cools off with a damp flannel


VideoJul 2007

Panda prison break

Bear gets piggyback

VideoNov 2008

Giraffe camera close up

Inquisitive resident of London Zoo sticks his neck out and investigates the presence of an alien.


VideoMay 2019

Gorillas hate rain

(0:28) Gorillas at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in South Carolina escape the rain with gritted teeth.


VideoOct 2014

4-year-old baffled by nursery rhyme

(1:36) One day we went to the zoo.


VideoApr 2016

Gorilla with grace

(0:31) Lope, a three-year-old gorilla at Twycross Zoo in Leiscester, wants to be a ballet dancer when he grows up.