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96%VideoJan 2013

People are awesome 2013

(4:39) More of those moments that went just right without incurring injury.


96%VideoOct 2014

Extreme enduro city race POV

(3:04) Action from Extreme XL de Lagares. Beta team rider Ben Hemingway takes on KTM's Andreas Lettenbichler through the narrow streets and stairs of Porto in Portugal.

96%VideoOct 2012

Split of a Second

(8:25) Wingsuit World Champion Espen Fadnes on how and why he got into such a dangerous sport as wingsuit flying. Includes some quite stunning never-before-seen footage of human flight.


95%VideoSep 2011

Jeb Corliss - Grinding the crack

(3:30) Of all the things to do before you die, make this the last you try.


95%VideoNov 2011

Extreme urban skiing

(2:25) Snow is not always required. Canadian freestyle skier J. P. Auclair downhill through the streets, alleys and shortcuts of Nelson, BC in Canada.


95%VideoJun 2011

Skiing the pipe

(2:56) Michael Clarke, Justin Dorey and Simon Dumont in Breckenridge, Colorado let loose for two days in the pipe.


95%VideoApr 2011

Climbing without a rope

(4:28) Goofy Alex Honnold transforms into a fearless animal once he's on the wall.


95%VideoJun 2012

BASE training day 27.10.2011

(4:37) Man and unmanned machine in flight. Stunning wingsuit flying captured by UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).


95%VideoApr 2013

Wingsuit flight through a mountain, at 155 mph!

(2:05) Norwegian wingsuit BASE-jumper Alexander Polli jumps out of a helicopter to fly through a tiny hole known as the 'Batman Cave'.


94%VideoOct 2010

Eero Ettala 2009 season highlights

Highlights from Eero Ettala's freestyle snowboarding for the filming of his own documentary, Tracking Eero.