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VideoJan 2020

Stephen Colbert | Bernie Sanders: I will do everything I can to stop war with Iran

(12:24) Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes the United States has no business going to war with Iran.

VideoOct 2006

Richard Dawkins upsets Stephen Colbert

Scientist goes one god further


VideoMar 2020

Stephen Colbert | Wall Street panics after Trump unveils coronavirus response

(9:54) Trump blames Democrats for the stock market's nose dive, as he downplays the dangerous spread of coronavirus.


VideoJun 2008

John McCain sings Blue Screen Shoes

Entry into the Colbert 'Make John McCain more interesting' challenge


VideoMay 2006

Colbert lampoons Bush

White House Correspondents' dinner speech


VideoJun 2019

Stephen Colbert | Iran's big mistake

(8:07) As tensions between the US and Iran escalate, Donald Trump pours over the scientifically documented evidence.

VideoOct 2006

The Colbert Report - Our Dear Leader

Kim Jong-Il, from filmmaker to dictator

VideoOct 2007

Colbert for president

Running as both a Republican and a Democrat


VideoDec 2015

Stephen Colbert and the US Ambassador To The UN

(7:42) Samantha Power helps Stephen plan his Christmas vacation.

VideoFeb 2020

Stephen Colbert | Trump fears coronavirus will hurt re-election campaign

(10:31) Stephen Colbert analyses Trump's reaction to coronavirus.