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96%VideoAug 2012

Olympic stadium crowd sing "All You Need Is Love" at London 2012

(2:29) The day that put the 'Great' into Britain after Team GB's golden day of medals.

95%VideoFeb 2009

Human LCD, a closer view

(2:37) South Korean high school students create pixellated messages and cheer for their football teams.


94%VideoOct 2010

Parachuting into Michigan Stadium

(3:37) Sgt. Adam Sniffen from the 101st Airborne Division delivers the game ball via parachute before the Michigan vs. MSU game at Michigan Stadium. Join him on his descent.


93%VideoNov 2013

Does Qatar stadium look like a huge vagina?

(1:14) The Al Wakrah stadium for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is getting some unexpected press for resembling female genitalia.


93%VideoFeb 2015

Crow makes surprise appearance on stadium webcam

(0:22) Surprise visitor stops by the 2015 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series webcam.


93%VideoOct 2012

Football fans make up for match cancelation

(1:22) England's World Cup qualifying match against Poland was rained off due to storms raging over Warsaw but that didn't stop some fans having fun.


89%VideoMar 2009

Stadium burn at Greek football match

Stands ablaze at a game between PAOK vs Olympiakos


89%VideoAug 2009

Arirang Mass Games 2007, North Korea

Compilation of short clips from the show that North Korea does better than anyone else - the mass gymnastics spectacular


88%VideoAug 2009

Usain Bolt, live and uncut 100m world record, Berlin 2009

Audience video that shows more of the atmosphere in the stadium than the official TV footage


88%VideoDec 2010

Minneapolis Metrodome roof collapse

Ahead of the Vikings against New York Giants game, the snow laden roof of the Metrodome collapsed under sheer weight. CCTV captured the moment.