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Budweiser VideoFeb 2006

Stadium bottle

Budweiser - Superbowl 2006

VideoApr 2004

Simply The Best

A group of Pop Idol losers in the Netherlands perform at half time in a football game.


VideoAug 2012

Olympic stadium crowd sing "All You Need Is Love" at London 2012

(2:29) The day that put the 'Great' into Britain after Team GB's golden day of medals.

VideoFeb 2020

The Rational National | Bernie turns out 17,000 people in Washington State rally

(7:19) Bernie Sanders turns out a crowd even larger than a Trump rally.


PictureMar 2006

Lego sports arena

Lessons in stadium building

PictureFeb 2006

They think it's all over

Last minute football upset

PictureFeb 2009

Toilet rolls on stadium seats

Crap game


VideoMar 2009

Stadium burn at Greek football match

Stands ablaze at a game between PAOK vs Olympiakos


VideoDec 2010

Minneapolis Metrodome roof collapse

Ahead of the Vikings against New York Giants game, the snow laden roof of the Metrodome collapsed under sheer weight. CCTV captured the moment.


VideoJul 2015

John Oliver - Stadiums

(19:07) Cities spend massive amounts of public money on privately-owned stadiums. John Oliver explains.