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VideoOct 2006

Con-Man Freestyle

Streetball king does his thing

VideoNov 2008

Hydrogen vs. Boost - Translated freestyle battle

Rhyme and reason made sense by Ben and Ryan. More at


VideoDec 2006

Magic of Freeride

Flying in the face of danger

VideoApr 2009

Jeon Kwon, football freestyle

Currently ranked world's no. 2 by Beyond Football, Jeon Kwon combines great creativity and technique when freestyling

VideoJan 2011

The Art of Teknique (TAT) krumpin freestyle

Krumpin kids Gavin, Kris and Kida at The GreatHouse of Dance. Brilliant, but I can't help thinking they are growing up too quick.


VideoFeb 2013

Julian DeGuzman vs James Marchioni freestyle battle 2013

(3:30) ICON dancers Julian DeGuzman and James Marchioni showcase their skills in this public freestyle session.


VideoSep 2010

Dubstep dance

Wiggly liquid swagger. Something new?


VideoOct 2018

When New Yorkers hear a violin


VideoApr 2014

Flipping jet ski tricks by world champion

(1:08) Freestyle jet ski champion Ant Burgess flips out at Kingsbury Lakes.


VideoJul 2013

Indie Cowie's crossbar challenge

(1:26) Football freestyler Indie Cowies hits the bar every time.