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PictureNov 2005

Hunting dogs

Previous owners: The Bee Gees

VideoFeb 2006

Dead-Eye Dick

Cheney companion shot in the face

VideoFeb 2006

Letterman on Cheney shooting

Administration on the offensive

VideoNov 2008

Penguin escapes the jaws of a killer whale

Smart move by a rather stupid bird


VideoFeb 2006

Whittington statement

Cheney victim apologizes!

VideoMay 2006

Borat goes hunting

On safari in Texas

PictureNov 2006

The Deer Hunter

The hunted gets his own back

VideoJan 2006

Deer hunter

Third time lucky

VideoJul 2007

Where Eagles Deer

A talon too far

VideoJul 2009

Barnardo's - Adults hunt vermin

Children's charity Barnardo's shocking ad shows a group of men discussing ways to kill the vermin who blight our streets. Nominated by FrankieLad