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94%VideoDec 2003

Rare Exports Inc.

Hunting Father Christmas


94%VideoNov 2008

Penguin escapes the jaws of a killer whale

Smart move by a rather stupid bird


93%VideoOct 2011

Cat high jump

The caracal is a medium-sized cat, closely related to servals. It is best known for its spectacular skill at hunting birds, able to snatch a bird in flight, sometimes two at a time.


91%VideoFeb 2009

Danger from above, a warning for fish

Kingfisher dives into the water to catch an unsuspecting fish


91%VideoJan 2009

Two orcas picnic on the beach

Seals make a narrow escape from killer whale


90%VideoApr 2011

Life of Mammals - The Persistence Hunt

Man vs animal in the most primitive of life and death games. A tribesman runner from the Kalahari Desert pursues his prey through the harshest conditions in a gruelling eight hour chase.


89%PictureNov 2005

Hunting dogs

Previous owners: The Bee Gees

89%VideoJan 2011

Thinking polar bear stalks a seal

Gripping footage of a polar bear carefully stalking a seal in the hope of making it his next meal. Narrated by David Tennant. From BBC's Spy On The Ice.


89%VideoApr 2009

Fox snow dive

A red fox listens out for mice scurrying six feet beneath the snow before diving head first into the drift to snap up its prey


88%VideoFeb 2006

Dead-Eye Dick

Cheney companion shot in the face