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99%VideoMay 2013

Pumpcast News - Pumping karaoke at pump 16

(5:05) Host of Pumpcast News on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jack Rafferty surprises a musical couple at pump 16 in Burbank, California.


94%VideoJan 2013

Killer Karaoke - Redneck Woman swimming with snakes

(2:43) Karaoke gone truly wild. Natasha performs country hit 'Redneck Woman' under challenging conditions.


91%VideoJan 2008

That's What Friends Are For

The worst karaoke performance ever, prepare yourselves for the horror


89%VideoApr 2010

Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body' with English subtitles

Korean boy tackles Mariah Carey. Stand out lines include 'if there's a camel up a hill' and 'know you love my cock'.

88%VideoNov 2012

Emily Wassler on Killer Karaoke

(2:02) Killer Karaoke is a new TV game show on truTV where contestants sing a song in front of a live audience while various attempts are made to disrupt their performance.


88%AnimationJun 2006


Challenging karaoke with Gypsy Kings hit


86%VideoJul 2009

Tommy Lee Jones on an alien mission (4 of 5)

Alien Jones describes karaoke as a very loud activity and very annoying. Nominated by 6221561

86%VideoAug 2010

Krazy Gun Guy Karaoke - Hello

Passionate about guns and karaoke. Krazy Gun Guy Karaoke's heartfelt performance of Lionel Ritchie's 'Hello' with an AK-47 and a 50 Cal. Desert Eagle.


86%VideoDec 2011

Space Oddity kids karaoke

Painful but adorable. Illustrations on the screen are from Andrew Kolb's Space Oddity children's book.

84%SoundFeb 2006

George 'Karaoke' Bush

Imagine the wild side